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Tom Clark / Tom Clark Gnomes
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Yes, there are angels among us . . . and Angelina is one. Her name (the same as a dear family friend) is derived from "Angel." The Biblical description of an angel is "a messenger of God." This statue is a reminder of those special people whom we all know that are God's messengers in work, word and manner.

Aneglina embraces whatever her hands find to do and does it with all her heart. She is the thoughtful worshipper as well as the dependable one who is always called upon "when no one else will do!" She stands before you solitary in her cloth coat and wearing her winter boots. There is a small leaf and acorn behind her, reminding us that she is of this world. She is waiting-for a ride from church? for a friend? The waiting time allows her to watch life's vignettes of children playing, dogs romping and folks chatting. She has seen a lot and she knows a lot. What she does NOT know is that her selfless life has given her wings!
$48.00 Qty
Mrs Claus III
$85.00 Qty

Made from crushed pecan resin.
$33.50 Qty
Mrs. Claus Praying
April 2003 Release
Edition #2
Dear Heavenly Father,As I complete all my tasks in preparation for Christmas, I pray that joy will be my focus rather than the chores of my housework. May I enclose love in every package that I wrap. May I include gratitude to each person who has helped make my year easier and more pleasant.Dear God, protect those who must travel this season and bring them home safely. Bless all creatures great and small. Make us all child-like this Christmas, as we praise Thee for the supreme gift of the Holy Child, Jesus.
$55.50 Qty

April 2003 Release
Edition #2
"To beard or not to beard, that is the question." Like Willie Nelson, Gellet is pondering whether or not to shave his time-honored beard. Why, he's been growing it since he was a little shaver. It is so much a part of him that he may not recognize himself in the mirror without his facial hair. If you look closely you'll see a face in the beard that appears afraid its going to lose its head. The quarter (Louisana) is a lucky coin. Remember, you can get a shave and a haircut for two bits (25 cents!)
$55.50 Qty
Rudy (mayor)
April 2002 Release
Edition #2
This gnome honors Mayor Rudolph Giuliani of New York City. When TIME magazine named him the Person of 2001, they called him a tower of strength to his city.. and the nation, in the wake of the collapse of the World Trade Towers on September 11, 2001. His commitment and compassion have been a symbol of the American spirit.

In fact, "Rudy" was already praised for his "clean up work" in the world's most famous city. He spear-headed a return to safe streets and a refreshed Times Square.

It is appropriate that his "Big Apple" be plastered with slogans popularized by the citizens. And, symbolically, the Big Apple is behind his efforts.

The American eagle can be seen on the lucky fifty cent piece. In the words of the former mayor himself "New York is America, America is New York."
$55.50 Qty

January 2002 Release
Edition #3
Honest, it was this big.. maybe bigger! I've never seen such a fish in this neck of the woods! I've fished here all my life and not until today have I caught anything to match it.

Well, I know it got away, but I did get it out of the water. It flipped up, and I swear he looked at me like he wanted to see who finally caught him. Then back in the water and - snap - the line broke.

By golly, he was a stunner, or I'm not named for my Uncle Orvis. And I got another thing to tell ya...I'm really not sorry he got away. I hope he's down there telling his friends about me like I'm telling you about him, and when he gets ready to give me the eye again, I'll be up here waiting. A fisherman's best catch is always just a day away.

Note: Orv is based on Montana fishing legends Dale and Ray Alt.
$65.50 Qty
April 2001 Release
$75.50 Qty

Santa Claus
Jan.2000 Release The Christ Child represents the holiness of the Christmas event, while Santa Claus is the symbol of family giving and Christmas joy. This figure evolved from St. Nicholas, a Bishop of Myra in the 4th century. Since then, various count
$85.50 Qty
Proffessor Wizard
Edition #5
July 2000 Release Professors, in the eyes of their students, often appear old and wise and sometimes eccentric! Prof. Wizard is no exception. He pauses here in the midst of a lecture about wild herbs. That reminds me of a story" he begins, and the stu
$100.50 Qty

Taxi Mom
At last, she's sitting down and watching the game after both a whirlwind morning and afternoon of taxiing" her children from activity to activity. It's wearing on her and the car, but it's great for the kids to be involved in so many sports and activit
$55.50 Qty
The name Angelyn" derives from "angel," and honors my mother, Angelyn Fetzer Clark. In classical Greek "angel" translated as "messenger," but in New Testament Greek its meaning changed to "messenger of God." In 1982 I sculpted an Angel to sit on the roof of the stable in the Nativity scene. Angelyn, however, stands atop a shell, reminiscent of the religious statues that decorate cathedrals, shrines and temples. Her wings are actually shells whose common name is angel wings. Angelyn may join the Nativity tableau or she may stand alone in any room where you desire a guardian angel.
$48.00 Qty