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Tom Clark / Green Thumb Gnomes
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This is a special line of Gnomes created by Dr. Tom Clark that is a UV coated indoor/outdoor artwork collection. Many will enjoy these pieces as home accents, while others may choose to use them outdoors to accent their yard or garden. Dr. Clark intended these pieces to gently antique over time when exposed to the elements of nature. But rest assured the sculpture itself will never be compromised by the elements of nature.

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No Edition #
$68.50 Qty
Perennial Santa
Edition 0
$67.00 Qty

Edition #1
$75.00 Qty
Mrs. Potter
No Edition #
$59.50 Qty

Mr. Green Thumb
No Edition #
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Edition 0
$65.00 Qty

Dr. Green Jeans
No Edition #
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Christmas On My Mind
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Edition 0
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Edition 0
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Created in 1994
No Edition #
Green Thumb Gnomes want everything in the garden to get a good start and to grow healthily. This includes the creatures who live among the plants. And what cuter creature is there than a baby rabbit!

Two turtles have brought a sea shell for the tiny rabbit's crib. They probably are the ones who also gifted him with a lucky coin from the Cayman Islands (showing a turtle). Now what else could the newborn need, unless it is another light blanket, courtesy of the Gnome. Every newborn is a wonderful miracle, worthy of thanking God for. And there is no more wonderful blessing than that of being well born.
$70.00 Qty
2004 Release
Green Thumb Series

$66.00 Qty

Aunt Potty
2004 Release
Edition #0
Green Thumb Series

$69.50 Qty
Edition #0
This Green Thumb Gnome's favorite time of year is autumn. He likes being in the forest with leaves at his feet and acorns falling all around him. (He calls his hat an acorn deflector.)

He is in charge of fall acorn storage. Early each morning he checks with the squirrel patrol to find out where the acorns are accumulating.

He then organizes the squirrels into teams to do the collecting. The chipmunks want to help but they have a bad habit of eating more than they store. It was they, however, who found the lucky quarter with an image of a famous oak tree.

As you can see from the nuts surrounding Akorn, there are lots of different species in the forest. These include oak, elm, walnut and even pecan trees. There is one eucalyptus acorn here from the California ranch of Will Rodgers. See if you can find it (hint: there's a cross in the center.)

The first squirrel team to fill up a storage bin will get the special prize – a
large moss oak acorn. By the way, did you know that a Dogwood tree's “bark” is worse than its bite! Sorry, that's an AKORNY joke.
$55.50 Qty